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"After I graduated I became the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for a successful software company due to the Job Placement assistance at the College. I was able to come in and start in an executive position only because of what I had learned. In the six months I've been working here, we have increased sales by 40% over the previous year."

— Kevin McAdam
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November 24, 2009

A Proud Parent

career educationIt has been two years for my son, Hiro Suganuma, since he started his career education program at Hubbard College.  He is learning and applying the administrative technology not just for college but also for his life!  He is having meaningful and productive days in Los Angeles.  It makes me very happy as his mother and I don’t need to worry about him at all!

Through Hiro’s degree program he has become much more powerful and stable!  This has made me realize the importance of the administrative knowledge that he is learning.  Because of this I have decided to study and learn the administrative technology myself.

I believe that as Hiro continues to learn more of the administrative technology, he will apply what he has learned not just for himself but to help others.

Chieko Suganuma

Hiro Suganuma is a Japanese student from Yokohama on the associate degree program at the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA), Los Angeles, CA.

The HCA is a self-paced business school that offers an exceptional business administration curriculum, unique learning technology, life-changing apprenticeships and internships, assistance with job placement and a lifetime warranty for students.

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